3D projected images take up real space

Projected 3D floating objects that take up real space can now be created according to a professor at the Buenos Aires institute of technology. Marc Ressl has posted a video on his blog that demonstrates what he calls a volumetric projector. Ressl uses ten projectors for his prototype to fire onto a bank of smoke, creating a 3D form that he can step into and walk around in.

The featured device is presented as a prototype and the ten projectors do not provide enough contrast or resolution to create more than abstract lines. However, Ressl says is proves his concept and believes that 100 projectors could create an accurate 3D image.

Ressl is using his video and blog on volumetric projection to try and garner funding for the project. It remains to be seen if anyone spots potential in the idea and allows Ressl to build on his rudimentary prototype.