360° 3D display unveiled at Tokyo 3D Fair

360° 3D display unveiled at Tokyo 3D Fair
A 360° 3D display, which can be viewed without glasses and from any angle was unveiled by Sony at Tokyo’s DC Expo. The show, held from October 22 to 25, incorporates the International 3D Fair where Sony showed off two prototypes of its revolutionary display. So far Sony is tight-lipped regarding the technology, only saying it uses an LED light source.

The cylindrical display is 27cm tall with a 13cm diameter base and has a 96 by 128 pixel resolution. Content was created by computer animation or photographs taken from numerous angles.

Reports from the show suggested that, despite the low resolution, the image was surprisingly good, especially when showing images of people.

The Sony camp is currently considering multiple applications with education and design development tipped as the front runners. The company will continue further development, which will include the construction of larger models, when it has a clear idea as to how the product will be brought to market.

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