2012 ACM UIST programme takes in the best of interface innovation

This week has seen the 25th ACM Symposium on
User Interface Software and Technology take place in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the USA. Every year ACM UIST brings together some of the brightest ideas in interface innovation from around the world.

This year’s field of papers features everything from augmented reality art to collaborative surfaces that can identify different users. It brings together researchers regardless of the background, meaning that a team from Bordeaux university is alongside those from Microsoft Research.
Microsoft’s wrist-mounted gesture controller has grabbed many of the headlines this week, but there are plenty of other cool innovations on show, as the videos below demonstrate.
If you’re serious about interfaces and interactivity, ACM UIST is really where it’s at..

Spatial augmented reality for drawing by Jeremy Laviole and Martin Hachet:

Carpus: A Non-Intrusive User Identification Technique for Interactive Surfaces: