200” glasses-free 3D display offers 57 viewing angles

NICT recently joined forces with JVC Kenwood to show off a 200” glasses-free 3D display. It displays 3D video from 57 different angles providing viewers with the illusion that they can walk around a 3D object and see it from different angles. Viewers even report being able to look behind objects to view hidden images. The display uses an array of 57 projectors and is tipped for use in design, visualisation and digital signage.

A condenser lens allows the light to be focused to create a sharp image, while the special diffuser film creates a smooth transition between the different viewing angles.

NICT and JVC plan to develop the concept and intend to produce a display that uses 200 projectors and has an expanded viewing area.

The following video posted by DigiInfo News provides some great detail on this staggering display.