Visionary Solutions chooses CUK Audio

Visionary Solutions chooses CUK Audio
Visionary Solutions, a provider of high-bandwidth video networking systems has announced the appointment of CUK Audio as its distributor in the UK.

Founded in 2005, CUK Audio is a distributor of AV technology, covering commercial AV, broadcast, live performance, recording, conferencing, security and more.
Visionary Solutions' new 4k-Over-IP solutions have been installed in applications from government and healthcare to enterprise and entertainment. The company's PacketTV and PacketAV products can be easily deployed on any existing IP network.
"UHD Video has become an increasingly essential component for our clients," said Stuart Thomson, CUK founder and MD. "Visionary's products have been raising eyebrows across our entire range of clientele, and we are excited to be bringing it to the UK market."
"The UK has always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies, and demand for UHD connectivity has been growing quickly," added Visionary Solutions COO Scott Freshman. "With CUK Audio, we have found a partner who not only understands the technology, but understands the needs and the demands of AV/IT professionals. We're thrilled to be working together to bring Visionary Solutions to the UK."