Why are there so few 4K end-to-end systems?

There is no shortage of 4K products hitting the marketplace, so why aren’t we seeing a corresponding number of 4K end-to-end systems? Paul Milligan investigates the many barriers to full adoption.

The topic of 4K has been unavoidable in 2015,  whether you are an end user, integrator or consultant.  With so much talk around the technology, surely that has translated into healthy sales of 4K products, and a string of 4K end-to-end systems?  Well, not so much it seems. 

"The honest feeling is that it is mostly one off products (rather than end-to-end systems) being bought," says Nick Mawer, marketing manager, Kramer UK.  "4K is being used where the products are available, and it’s not necessarily a conscious choice, it’s just that the market is  gong that way and people will pick up and put it in."

So even when 4K products are being bought, it may not be because that was what was wanted particularly, it was just that that was all that was available.  You can draw parallels with the current mobile phone market, where the choice now is smartphones or nothing else, whether you wanted one or not.  


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