WeWork ups its virtual meeting offering with option to appear as ‘hologram’

WeWork is boosting its virtual events and meetings capabilities, offering technology at some of its facilities to virtually beam life size ‘holograms’ of speakers across the world.

The workspace provider will roll out technology from ARHT Media to 16 locations by the end of this year with further plans in place to extend the option to 100 WeWork buildings.

In the WeWork locations selected to include the technology, ARHT Media will host a “Capture Studio” for users to record and stream events where they can appear live on one of three types of displays: HoloPresence for in person holographic events, HoloPod for in person permanent holographic display, or online as a Virtual Global Stage (VGS) presentation – or a combination of all three.

Hamid Hashemi, chief production and experience office at WeWork, said: “Bringing ARHT Media’s HoloPresence technology to our locations was a natural progression in our ongoing efforts to redefine the future of work. As the world increasingly craves the energy and productivity that in-person interactions deliver, we believe this technology will play a critical role and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this new offering.

Larry O’Reilly, CEO of ARHT, said: “WeWork offers the very best venues globally to showcase our technology and many of our existing clients are WeWork member. This large scale adoption of the entire suite of our technologies, including access to content creation from ARHT, is a significant endorsement of the value we bring to our clients.”

ARHT Media is also the telepresence partner of Art Basel Hong Kong (May 19 to 23) where its technology is supporting gallerists from around the world to appear virtually on booths at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Picture above shows a workshop at the event curated by a speaker from Singapore.


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