Video pervades corporate market

Corporate business is the battleground where fortunes are won. Bob Snyder reports how video is advancing to the front line as a key weapon in the marketing arsenal.

In the era of YouTube and Netflix, it’s marketing video that’s driving corporate video.

Yet for all its offensive power, video still plays an important role in internal communications. The more we use video to explain ourselves to customers, the more ways we find to use video internally—for induction of new employees, training, education, company news and internal brand building.

Once marketing video lets in an integrator through the company front door, there’s an enormous opportunity for system integrators to lead companies to a unified vision of video, bringing both internal and external video applications under unified systems control for creation, transport and delivery.

Video today is a Swiss army knife of solutions for companies: besides convincing new customers, a company can report on its financial meetings, conduct better training, collaborate in commercial/technical/ administrative teams, reach out to remote offices and workers, and secure physical premises.

Cisco research says the ability to join meetings, share or view applications, and have video calls from any location or device is now essential for knowledge workers, 60 percent of whom use a mobile device for work. This is especially true of executives, whose tight calendars and travel schedules make it increasingly difficult for them to hold traditional, “conference room” meetings. If they are unable to have instant, rich collaboration sessions both on the go and on the road, decisions can be delayed, and execution compromised.

“Video anytime, anywhere” for companies sums up the new mantra for business survival. In IT, Ciscos and others call it “pervasive video.”

And logically pervasive video must call for pervasive AV integrators.

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