Video: How do Inavate’s 40 Under 40 view the AV industry?

Paul Milligan brings together four AV professionals featured in the Inavate EMEA 40 Under 40 Class of 2020 to learn more about the AV industry today and tomorrow. Available to view now.

In a wide-ranging discussion Milligan discusses routes into a career in AV and diversity in the industry. He finds out what attracted these professionals to the industry and what they love about it, but also what we can do better to ensure an inclusive, inventive sector that is vital and relevant for years to come. 

Our panel was carefully selected to provide a range of job functions, geographic locations and industry areas that was representative of the Inavate EMEA 40 Under 40 Class of 2020.

They are:

Sofia Boer, marketing coordinator, Prase Media Technologies

Boer joined distributor Prase with no prior experience in the AV. She talks passionately about the excitement, but also the challenge, of learning about a technical industry. That challenge has led to huge job satisfaction as she’s paired her knowledge with communication and marketing skills to support Prase’s partners and clients.


Omer Brookstein, CEO and Co-founder, SyncPro

Brookstein was born into AV and by the age of 14 was programming Crestron touchpanels. After an early education in AV through his family’s business in Israel, he worked for Crestron in the US and has also seen the industry from the integrator’s point of view. Brookstein is adamant that AV needs to become more software-centric and with the launch of SyncPro, he’s helping drive that much needed shift.


Amy Cronshaw, Founder and CEO, Beyond Workplace Consulting

Cronshaw’s consultancy focuses on people, introducing technology in ways that supports and connects workforces. It’s therefore no surprise that she makes the case for ensuring people are attracted to, and feel welcome within, the industry. She eloquently points out that diversity and new talent are vital to keep the industry relevant.


Vivek Mishra, Marketing and Sales Director, Mindstec Distribution

It’s the realisation of a project, successfully brought to completion, that offers Mishra a level of job satisfaction that will keep him in the AV industry for years to come. He offers insight into areas where he can see AV could change for the better, indicating frustration at friction between IT and AV teams.


These are just four representatives from the 40 young professionals selected in the Inavate EMEA 40 Under 40 Class of 2020. Meet them in all in this booklet detailing their achievements.


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