Two new Powersoft courses aim to boost audio expertise

Powersoft has added two certified courses to its e-learning platform that are focused on core technologies, DSP, and network connectivity products.

The two new courses, 201i and 201t, are continuations of previous courses already available on the website, providing a more extensive look into topics such as; Dynamic Music Distribution systems, Mezzo amplifier platforms, and WM Touch.

During the 201i course the user continues on the path started with course 101i, completing the explanation of all the windows and functions of ArmoníaPlus whilst learning how to manage the networking and control through third-party plugins.

Powersoft introduces the Interactive Tuning tool in the 201t course to show how Smaart v8, can help users measure and align an audio system, even offline. There are also lessons on networking, and a more in-depth exploration of ArmoniaPlus.

Thiago Terra, education and application engineer at Powersoft, said: “These follow-on courses have been designed to give users across the audio industry a chance to build upon their knowledge and gain new skills when installing audio systems and utilising Powersoft products."

Once a course is complete, the trainee will receive a certificate of completion. The new online courses can be accessed here

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