Tips for integrating AV on exhibition stands

Event organisers and marketing professionals often believe they need the latest and most dynamic technology to make their exhibition booth stand out. However, Oliver Richardson, sales and marketing director of DB Systems, demonstrates that it's not about the AV technology you use; it's about integrating the right AV technology into your environment to achieve the desired objectives.

The successful use of any AV technology is measured by how well it integrates with the rest of the exhibition in order to complement the brand message or the overall event experience.

Exhibitors often make the mistake of not thinking of media content early enough. They hire a display system first with content a secondary thought. Content has to be designed first and matched with the correct display second. It must be clear, concise, memorable, relevant and targeted to the audience. Suppliers need time to create complex content like 3D or augmented reality. If your content only requires a standard screen then use a standard screen. Don’t spend your budget on an expensive high-end display system if you don’t have to.

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