The walls are talking: Invisible loudspeaker technology

From whispering windows to talking wallpaper the unseen world of invisible audio is becoming big business. Anna Mitchell explores some different technology options in a market where aesthetics meets quality sound.

It has been said that the audio market is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Most loudspeaker technologies are more than 70 years old and, in many cases, it’s understandable why they have lasted that long. They do the job, and they do it well.

But the field of invisible audio is pushing forward many new and exciting technologies. It is in this market where developments are really transforming the solutions that integrators can offer image conscious clients. Furthermore, the days where aesthetics compromise quality are rapidly disappearing.

"Essentially we have to dump the idea that sound can only be made electrically by the piston oriented cone speaker we have known for over a hundred years now," argues Richard Newlove, managing director of Amina Technologies.

To learn more about solutions from Amina, Feonic and SoundTube as well as take a look at developments within the Fruanhofer institute read the full article in InAVate’s Active Magazine

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