The tech giants forcing change on workspace design

Technology and IT firms are leading the charge in overhauling offices spaces for smarter working. Anna Mitchell gets to grips with the AV tech that makes forward-thinking office spaces tick.

Google offices are the poster children of workplaces with personality. When the technology giant opens new locations their interior designs hit the headlines; we’re all used to the pictures of open plan spaces littered with beanbags and daubed with splashes of red, green, yellow and blue.

But behind the headlines there’s a trend and it’s not just about sofas and snugs. Google locations are a very high profile example of office spaces where beauty and brains combine for smarter working and they’re not alone.

"Certain technology companies are using their office spaces as places to take clients and impress them. Spaces where you can go to work some of the time, but not places you go every day," says Nigel Miller, MD of Cordless Consultants, a UK headquartered firm that advises on future workspaces and technology integration.

"Central to this is presentation and numerous AV related technologies. There is a huge focus on communication and demonstration leading to installation of technologies like bridged Smart boards and high quality videoconferencing.

"Furthermore, the desire for a ‘wow factor’ and the need to communicate a brand places requirements on AV technology; mostly digital signage and projection in public areas."

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