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The future of networked AV by Datavideo

Johan Lieffers landscape
Johan Lieffers, MD, Datavideo Technologies Europe BV

We talk to Johan Lieffers, Managing Director of Datavideo Technologies Europe BV about the future of AV.

Most people perceive AV equipment as high-end professional equipment that is
difficult to use and needs highly trained staff. While this is true for a couple years ago,
we’re currently heading towards a future with products that have a more “consumer grade” interface and connectivity.

What’s a current trend that you see for Datavideo in the future?
“All our equipment gets network connectivity. Our cameras have it for a while already, but we’re expanding the use of it. We used the network port to control the camera over a regular network, which is pretty standard, but with the addition of NDI|HX we’re also capable of sending the signal over the same network. We expect to release a full line of NDI|HX products during the first quarter of 2021. Next to NDI|HX we’re working on our DVIP protocol; an open control protocol for all our equipment. This means that creating an interface or an integration of our products will become a breeze with the clearly documented DVIP protocol.”

What products of Datavideo will be networked in the upcoming period?
“Basically all products that send out an image will receive a streaming encoder built in. Think about our camera range, we’re including astreaming encoder in all our new PTZ and block camera modules. Our MobileCast portable studios all have a streaming encoder built in as well. This ensures maximum compatibility with our cloud solution dvCloud and minimizes the need for extra products. All our current encoders will support SRT as well. This protocol ensures low latency streaming even when your upload isn’t stable. By using dvCloud you can send the streams to your social networks in RTMPS. Controlling cameras and switchers will also be possible over dvCloud, making remote production very easy.”

While that’s the first part of next year, what’s a trend that you see a little bit
further on the horizon?

“With the release and market penetration of 5G equipped products we’re going to see a
future in which AV production is going to lose a lot of its current boundaries. If a product
has its own connection to the internet you’re no longer in need of a LAN or cabling. You
could literally put a camera on the other side of the planet, power it on and be live in your studio without a lot of configuration. Before that moment you can work with dvCloud, easily creating a point to point connection between an encoder and a decoder using our server solution.”