The anatomy of a boardroom

Boardrooms are designed to facilitate meetings at the very top level of an organisation. In many cases they are also considered a status symbol. So how do you ensure technology is integrated so it is functional and aesthetically pleasing? Colin Lemmings, vice president of Corporate Solutions at Electrosonic, explains.

To ensure technology is integrated effectively an integrator must be involved in early planning stages. Contemporary boardrooms generally include a lot of hard furnishings, which pose challenges for AV installation. The earlier an integrator is involved the less the integration will cost.

Most rooms should include a guest network for meeting participants to log into. Cables should not be on view so products such as Extron’s Cable Cubby are popular (AMX and Crestron provide similar solutions). We’re seeing a shift to technologies that allow users to access and transmit presentations and materials from personal devices to boardroom displays without the need to load software. Barco’s new ClickShare product is great example.

To learn more about integrating videoconferencing, selecting appropriate lighting and more explore the graphic in InAVate Active

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