Televic Confidea reviewed

The Televic Confidea is a multi-band wireless conference system that uses a stable RF link between the microphones and its central unit.

Where do you commonly use Confidea?
We are a rental company, specialised in providing congress solutions for meetings that range from a smaller board meeting to the largest international congress. We use the Confidea system for meetings where everybody can take the floor and we usually provide one microphone for every two attendees. But even if there is just one speaker the Confidea system comes in handy.

What do you like about it?
In the past we used a conventional wired congress system and we always had to calculate in advance how much cable we would need. Once it was installed we had to properly tape all cables to the ground so the attendees couldn’t trip over them. From time to time we had problems with cables being damaged by people placing the legs of a chair on them. Wires can be broken, improperly assembled or even just “disappear”.

With Confidea this all belongs to the past. Confidea even automatically switches between the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band. In this way interference can be avoided and a reliable wireless communication can be assured.

The software allows us to switch every microphone on/off and it gives us an indication of the battery status and RF-link quality. Each microphone holds its own high-performance battery pack with an operating time of more than 25 hours, which we think is very long. The battery status indication is also very accurate so no surprises during the meeting.

We were also pleasantly surprised by the Confidea sound quality. It produces a warm, natural and powerful sound without the distortions we experienced with other (cabled) conference systems.

I have been using the Confidea system for almost one year now and I’m still amazed how easy it is to set up and configure. Flexibility is very important in our business and therefore the wireless Confidea system is our perfect partner for all kinds of meetings.

What would you change?
The first time we used Confidea was in Suriname. It was a big meeting and there was wireless internet for everybody. This meant that the 2.4 GHz was full and we had to work in the 5 GHz band. But since we were close to the harbour and ships’ radars use some of frequencies in the 5 GHz band, Confidea automatically switched frequency from time to time to ensure the integrity of the wireless link. When at that certain moment somebody was speaking and Confidea switched frequencies there was a short interruption in the system.

This was the only remark we had and soon after we told this to the designers they came up with a new software update that resolved the problem.

In use
We recently used Confidea for a European Works Council with a U-shaped meeting set-up for 30 people.

In this setting we used one microphone for every two participants. The built-in loudspeakers produced enough volume so extra sound amplification was not necessary. We always use Confidea together with the software so we can switch on or off any speaker that forgot to switch his microphone on or off. In the afternoon they changed settings and tables were added for extra attendees. So with a few clicks, extra microphones were added. No more taping and ugly cables on the tables or on the floor. The meeting lasted for two days and we never had to change or charge the batteries.

Televic Confidea really made our job easier and faster.

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