Tannoy QFlex loudspeakers reviewed

David Dalzell, managing director, D.L. Electronics, reviews the QFlex series of digital beam-steering array loudspeakers.

QFlex is a digital beam-steering loudspeaker solution, so it’s been specifically designed for spaces with challenging acoustics and highly reverberant surfaces such as marble floors, glass partitions, or high, open roof spaces.

For example, larger churches and cathedrals with massive reverb times can have a problem with intelligibility as the sound of the sermon dissipates and reflecting off every surface, making it hard for the congregation to understand what is being said.

A steerable column like QFlex can focus its energy directly onto the audience, whilst minimizing side wall and roof space spill, and because it has separate driver units, you can program it to make sure every seat in the house gets the same coverage.

To learn more about Dalzell’s likes and dislikes of the product as well as where he intends to use the product in the future then read the review in InAVate Active

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