Style and Substance: Victoria’s Secret Stores, Russia

Auvix scooped the 2019 InAVation Award for Retail with its project across two Victoria’s Secret boutiques in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Womenswear brand Victoria’s Secret recently drafted Russian integrator Auvix to overhaul display systems and audio at its flagship boutiques in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  

Huge videowalls accompanied by punchy sound were planned for each of the stores. All AV equipment had to integrate with existing systems used by the retail brand. Remote management capabilities were necessary and audio and video broadcasting had to work independently.  

The Moscow store, located at the Evropeisky Shopping Centre covers just over 1,500 sq m, spanning a semi-basement and a ground floor.  

The two floors are connected with a staircase and Victoria’s Secret wanted one of the videowalls to be installed partially behind the stairs. A further two videowalls are located in the store’s beauty selling area and near the cash tills.  

NEC 55-in and 46-in LCDs, mounted with a combination of SMS and Peerless-AV brackets create the high impact displays. They’re powered by four Datapath X4-1U videowall controllers. Signal routing and extension is handled by Lightware products centred on a Lightware MX-FR33L digital crosspoint video router frame. Kramer signal distribution equipment was also deployed with HDCP−compliant distribution amplifiers for DVI−D and one for DVI signals chosen along with Kramer EDID processors.  

Ventilation systems were required to remove the heat generated by the displays with Crestron control equipment handling monitoring and power down in case of emergencies. Audio is delivered with JBL kit throughout the all halls and rooms on both levels of the store. 

Over in St. Petersburg Auvix were again faced with a store on two levels. Located in the Galeria Shopping Centre, the outlet is smaller at 900 sq m. Here the two floors are connected with a spiral staircase flanked with a vertical videowall. Two more videowalls are in the selling area and near the changing rooms.  

Videowalls use 8 NEC X464UNS-2 46-in LCDs and 30 NEC 55-in X555UNS LCDs mounted with Wize brackets. TVOne’s CorioMaster video processing is used along with Crestron HDMI distribution amplifiers and Extron DVI extenders and EDID emulators.  

On the audio side, 20 Ecler IC8 ceiling speakers are supported by 6 Ecler ICSB10 in-ceiling subwoofers and fed by 6 Ecler amplifiers. A Crestron 3-Series control processor and an Apple iPad is provided for control of the system. 

To deliver the project Auvix had to work at night when the stores were closed. The integrator trained Victoria’s Secret staff in using the systems and remains on hand for maintenance and technical support. 



Ecler IC8 ceiling speakers and subwoofers, audio processors and amplifiers 

JBL audio equipment 


APC UPS and battery 

Apple iPad 

Crestron control processors and monitoring equipment 


Cisco wireless VPN router and Gigabit PoE smart switch 

Crestron HDMI distribution amplifiers  

Datapath X4-1U display wall controller 

Extron DVI over twisted pair transmitters and receivers, and EDID emulators 

Kramer video switches and EDID processors  

Lightware digital crosspoint router frame, transmitters and receivers 

NEC 46-in and 55-in LCDs, sensor and calibration kits 

Netgear LAN router and switches 

Peerless-AV DS-VW765-LQR mounts 

SMS Ace LCD mounts 

TvOne CORIOmaster video processing system 

Wize VWP46G2 LCD mounts 


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