Spatial announces immersive audio as a service platform

Audio experience company Spatial has announced the launch of a real-time product platform as a service for building soundscapes in commercial and residential environments.

Spatial uses software, apps and audio tools to create immersive, three-dimensional sounds to allow spaces to feel bigger, smaller or more active.

Michael Plitkins, co-founder, Spatial, commented: “We've been crafting an integrated software platform including a real-time interactive engine, 3D creative tools, an intuitive control app and service.

"The lack of approachable tools, complexity due to non-integrated solutions, cost and effort required has prevented immersive, interactive audio from being a must have component of experiences. We can’t wait to hear the amazing things creative teams and audio professionals build with what we have created!"

Spatial launched its reality engine, an object-driven platform that renders soundscapes in real time, with support for inputs and outputs that allow the integration of sensors and computer vision systems with data feeds and live audio streams.

Spatial reality operates on macOS and Linux computers and can create specific scenes with either a handful of speakers or a scalable amount of speakers in larger applications.

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