Software gains ground in video processing

After joining Analog Way to head up its new R&D team, Philippe Vitali, integration and application software director, spoke to Anna Mitchell about interfaces, interoperability and the importance of support.

As functionality and complexity of video routing and switching products grow then user interfaces must become simpler and more intuitive to allow users to make the most of increasingly sophisticated products, argues Analog Way’s Philippe Vitali.

Vitali, who has a strong background in software development, joined the company six months ago to head up an R&D team focused on development of accessories and tools for the integration of its processing products.

“We need to provide a very intuitive user interface to simplify the configuration, set up and control of our processors,” he argues. “We’re talking about systems with a great variety of input plugs, PIPs, presets, and other advanced features to offer optimum versatility. Functions are getting more complex and at the same time there are more and more peripherals. That situation gets, not necessarily complex, but tricky to manage.

“The interface is now just as important as the processing behind it,” he stresses. Vitali believes that it is the job of the mixing and switching hardware manufacturer to provide the tools to simplify the access to complex functions, which is partly where his software expertise comes in.

To learn how Analog Way has restructured its engineering approach as well as more about Vitali’s impact on software development within the company and where he see the future of video processing and signal management, read the full article in the InAVate APAC online issue.

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