Showing off in the boardroom

With the right budget and a willing end-user, boardroom installations can provide savvy integrators with the opportunity to showcase their skills and the very best AV technologies in the corporate environment. Anna Mitchell explores market demands and how to satisfy them.

Get a boardroom installation right and you’ve created a fantastic advert for AV technologies. Get it wrong and you could have some very angry top-level executives on your hands. These are the people that drive corporate spend and can easily delay or halt future investments. You don’t want to upset them.

"I think [purchasing trends] have changed over recent years," says Martine Dodwell-Bennett, sales and marketing director at UK based distributor Steljes. "Demands seem to be coming from C-level down, where I think previously it would have been facilities managers. They want technology to help them operate efficiently. But, in a boardroom they also want a wow factor. There is an emphasis on aesthetics.

"These people are seeing technologies outside their office and wanting to bring them into their business. They often don’t know much about the technology but are impressed with how it looks and what it can achieve. Business is getting tighter so executives want to wow their clients and bring their facilities up-to-date. A boardroom facility with PowerPoint isn’t really cutting it any more."

Consultants feature heavily in this market with executives saying what they want to achieve and consultants deciding how to achieve that.

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