Setting The Agenda: John Underkoffler, Oblong

Paul Milligan speaks to John Underkoffler, the CEO of Oblong, who is adapting the gesture technology he created for Tom Cruise in the film Minority Report to create a whole new collaboration system.

If you have sat through one or two presentations in the past 12 years, the chances are that the presenter mentioned the Steven Spielberg sci-fi film Minority Report at some point. 

Released in 2002 it was the first time many of us had seen gesture control (the first iPhone didn’t come out till 2007), and its no exaggeration to say that no other film has been referenced as much in the AV world in the last decade as much as it has.  John Underkoffler is the man behind the AV in Minority Report. 

Fifteen years spent studying at MIT saw him earn three different degrees as well as becoming a part of the influential Media Lab at the university.

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