Setting The Agenda: Bjorn Krylander, Datapath

Paul Milligan spoke to Bjorn Krylander from Datapath to see how his company is tackling the growing need for bigger videowalls with bigger resolutions than ever before.

"I personally find the pro-AV sector to be refreshing." says Bjorn Krylander of computer graphics, video capture and digital technology manufacturer Datapath.

"Smartphones might be all everyone is talking about, but in practical terms it’s a shrinking business. The pro-AV industry is comparable to where the mobile phone business was in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and therefore a much better place to be."

The AV industry is full of 20-30 year veterans, so it’s always good to hear a relative newcomer’s take on the sector, and Krylander is an well-informed one.

"The mobile phone business is so consolidated, with a few very large companies who dominate. The AV industry is still fragmented with lots of small companies, and there is room for much more innovation."

Krylander has been with Datapath for three years, and was previously CEO at two other UK companies; Cambridge Broadband Networks and UbiNetics. Originally from Sweden, he came to the UK after being headhunted from Ericsson in 2001 to head up UbiNetics.

Educated with an MSC from Lunds University, his background is in the mobile phone/telecoms sector, which has helped shape his particular view of the AV sector.

In the full article Krylander gives his views on the growing use of videowalls, the current state of the control rooms sector, and what 4K will mean for his business. Read now in InAVate Active.

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