Russian startup cuts the cord on TVs

Reasonance, a startup company from Russia, has demonstrated a wireless TV prototype at CES 2021, featuring a wireless power transmission and reception system instead of electrical cables.

Wireless technology has been a big growth area in recent years, but TV has never followed suit until now. Although viewers could wirelessly stream content or connect their phone, the TVs still have unattractive and annoying cables coming out of the back of them. However, this prototype could be a step towards ditching the wires in TVs.

Reasonance’s solution is based on a standalone electrical transmitter and a receiver coil integrated into the TV. According to the company, “Reasonance is a fundamentally new technology if wireless energy transfer which uses both magnetic and electric fields unlike many other technologies which use only magnetic resonance. This ensures remarkable characteristics of wireless energy transfer and reduces costs by 80-90% compared with competing technologies.”

Maintaining the same efficiency but keeping costs down, Reasonance wireless technology can transfer power to over a metre in distance, although transmission distance could be increased by adjusting the size of the coils.

The prototype shown at the all-digital CES last week was a 40-in TV with an external receiver coil on the back. Although the coil could be integrated into the TV frame, it would not be a flat-panel TV anymore. The transmitter coil can also be placed inside a wall or a piece of furniture without risk of interference, according to the company.

It’s not just wireless TVs that Reasonance is working on; the company says that Reasonance wireless charging can be used in almost any application, including e-vehicles, smart roads, buildings, industry, robots, quadcopters, wearables, airport infrastructure, maritime sector, logistic terminals, and much more.

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