Review of Userful Network Videowall

Userful’s network videowall allows operators to use a PC as a videowall controller monitoring multiple displays over the network. It can display content in any layout, with one PC driving up to 60 displays per videowall.

The system was installed by freelance integrator Tamer Shahin, who specialises in installing Userful products for government and entertainment events across Spain.

Reviewed by Jose Manuel Fernández Martín, systems engineer, EMT (Empresa Malagueña de Transportes)

Where have you used this product?

At our control centre monitoring Malaga’s Transportation System. In total, we have a network of 80 cameras deployed throughout the city and in vehicles feeding back to the centre. Our fleet consists of about 242 vehicles, and the Userful system allows us to switch between feeds monitoring up to 220 vessels on a daily basis.

Monitoring devices are connected to our control centre via 4G, allowing us to monitor the vehicle in real time by selecting the bus and the camera to be displayed. We have four specialised HDMI outputs that connect to capture cards in the Userful Host PC and a 3 x 3 videowall created with nine 55-in displays.

Why did you choose this product?

What first attracted me was how easy installation and configuration would be. The online test we performed prior to choosing our product made up my mind as I could see how the programme was managed, the possibilities to exchange screens and manage various types of content using the software. It was clear it would be quick for our team to learn how to use too.

The system was also the only product in the videowall space to handle an almost unlimited number of inputs, and easily scale the number of outputs.

What would you change?

If I could improve one thing about the system it would be access to positions and sources at the click of a button to make this an even quicker process.

What do you like about using it?

Overall, the Userful system offered the most for us when considering price and capabilities, compared to alternatives on the hardware and digital signage market. We like having access to a greater number of cameras simultaneously, better visualisation, the ability to display the contents of any desktop on the screen videowall, an alarm system in large format and content for viewing online ads.

The amount of content that the server is able to manage itself (through Userful plus HDMI inputs) is very useful, as it allows for the absence of a PC for each device used to display content.

Helpfully, the cost of maintenance is low. It is also great to have the possibility of enlarging the system with controlled costs if the fleet grows. If we need to add more displays, we simply add more zero clients onto the network for our PC to support.

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