Review of Powersoft X4 Amplifier

The Powersoft X4 Amplifier is reviewed by Alex Seah, project manager at AV World Engineering in Singapore.

Why did you choose this product?

It’s a newly launched amp and the details of it sounded good. So I tried it with one of my customers to drive their FBT line array system. I used it in the installation because I can use the power input in a single phase or three phase power supply for the amp. It has built-in Wi-Fi so I can make some minor adjustments to mute the channel or change the gain of individual inputs remotely via an iPad. I just have to key in the IP address and can hook in very quickly. Also, the price is competitive compared to the other brands I have checked out. Previously I have been using Powersoft K series and D series amps and they have been serving me very well.

What do you like about using it?

The power rating is fantastic and given it is 1U for a four channel amp it is very space-efficient to use in the rack. This is a compact unit; the previous amps I was using from other brands in the market were 2U or 3U.

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