Review of NTi XL2 Analyzer

The XL2 Analyzer combines a sound level meter, an acoustic analyser and an audio analyser. It is suitable for numerous applications including live sound, installed sound, PA hire and cinemas as well as education and training.

I use the product for everything! It’s an integral part of my measurement and test process and I use it on every project. It always goes with me and it’s my first call for test. I can’t always take all test and measurement tools with me so it’s easier to take a computer for control functions and the XL2 coupled with a MD-PRO Minirator for measurements. Sometimes I will also take a DR2 Digirator for set-up, measurement and troubleshooting functions.

The functions I use the most are the sound level meter, spectrum analyser, measurement for signal levels and STI. It’s useful for live sound applications and with a whole selection of filters and standard weighting curves it’s great for permanent installations where you have to comply with local regulations. I also have the Spectral Limits and Extended Acoustic Pack options installed to cover all eventualities and would strongly recommend these to users.

A lot of the work I do is within screening rooms, film mix stages and (sometimes) cinemas. In these environments I can dial in what is known as the X-Curve and walk around the auditorium with pink noise blasting away and it will provide a fast indication as to what the response is all over the room. There’s also now an application, developed with Meyer Sound, specifically for cinema environments and is an extension of the integral X-Curve function and Spectral Limits pack. I very much look forward to using it.

To find out what Nelson likes about the XL2 as well as product features he would change then read full review in InAVate Active magazine

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