Review of Lightware Modular Matrix

The Lightware modular matrixes consist of MX-FR17, MX-FR33R, MX-FR65 and MX-FR80R modular expandable DVI 1.0 and HDMI 1.3 compliant switchers. The units offer up to 80 input and up to 80 output in four different frame sizes.

We’ve used the Lightware digital matrixes for a couple of years now. I first came across them when we rolled a unit out to a project at a large corporation with offices in the City of London. There, we used it in a large auditorium where we installed two Panasonic 103" plasmas as part of a £2million fit-out.

It is currently the only matrix system of its type that can easily be scaled up to more the 32x32, to a maximum of 80x80 so we would choose it for demanding projects that require that level of inputs and outputs.

It also provides us with the ability to extend directly into and out of the chassis over twisted pair and fibre in any configuration.

To learn what Marshall likes about the product, what he’d change and where he’s used it read the full review in InAVate Digital

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