Review of Lighthouse Impact 16 LED Tile

Impact 16 LED panels from Lighthouse are designed for permanent indoor or outdoor use. The units have a 16mm pixel pitch and 6,000 Nits of brightness, making the panels suitable for any situation with high ambient light.

The panels offer 16-bit processing technology and are claimed to provide excellent colour reproduction and image uniformity. They are IP65 rated and offer front and rear access and easy release IM structure in an effort to ease maintenance. The Impact 16 tiles are Lighthouse M5 ready to allow remote diagnostics.

Why did you choose this product?

We chose the Lighthouse Impact 16 panels with the customer after doing several shootouts with different types of panels. We do a lot of projects for DOOH advertisers and the biggest of these companies is called Interbest. They wanted to place these huge 110 square metre screens along the highway where the cars are passing. Therefore a horizontal viewing angle is very important. The Impact 16 is an SMD panel, so it’s a three-in-one LED, and typically with SMD tiles you have a good viewing angle. The horizontal viewing angle is much better than a conventional LED; in this case we are talking about 140 degrees. Another big advantage of the SMD type of panel is that there’s no colour shift. Typically on oval LED screens when you move from left to right there is a colour shift red to green, or from green to blue. This is not the case with an SMD. You can imagine that advertisers are keen to have the correct colours on the screen so this is a very important reason for us to choose the Impact 16 panels.

What did you like about it?

A very useful feature of the Impact 16 is the maintenance features. You can open the tiles from the front or from the rear so you can reach all the technical parts within the module from both sides. Also, if you have to replace any of the tiles in a screen like this the new tile will calibrate itself automatically using the Lighthouse M5 system. Finally, Lighthouse use Cree CLV6 LEDs in the tile which are very high quality LEDs and are very reliable.

To read the full review, including limitations of the product and where it has been used, open the free, digital edition of InAVate here.

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