Review of LG OLED displays

Reviewed by Dave Elliott, enterprise business development manager at Holovis

Where have you used it?

We are currently installing the product as a digital signage solution within a retail environment. This will be a global roll out and it presents a very fresh new look for the brand. We were looking for something eye-catching and vibrant.

We wanted to use display technology that still has that newness factor so people wouldn’t have seen it before and the physical viewing experience will be just as captivating to look at as the creative campaign planned with the brand. We looked at the variety of OLED models that LG currently has on the market, including the dual sided displays but decided that the 55-in was the best solution for achieving consistency within the global brand environments. The client will use the display to immerse people in the luxury brands being advertised through a variety of lifestyle and aspirational content.

Why did you choose it?

The 4K capability was a massive plus as we are looking  to  futureproof  the  installation  for  a number  of  years  and content to catch  up  with  this resolution is imminent.

We specialise in creating immersive experiences so the intensity of the curve ratio that you can get with the OLED curved display was incredibly appealing. When working with high end  clients  the  way  in which content is displayed is just as important as the content itself, so the aspects like the intense colours and smooth motion were essential.

This is a global roll out so from a maintenance and  servicing  perspective  knowing  that  LG  as  a global  brand  has  a  worldwide  product  support team who can quickly go in and fix any issues is great. The correlation between quality and value has proved very good, the client wanted the best in class displays and to be amongst the first to use this new technology platform and this has been achieved.

What do you like about using it?

The colours are simply incredible. LG talks about “absolute” blacks and when we staged a shootout with other display products  you  could  see  the difference. We looked at four similar products from other leading LED manufacturers but the LG OLED displays proved to be the best for our usage. This is complemented with extremely bright whites and the widest of off axis viewing angles, so it will keep people’s attention the whole time they are passing through the retail experience we have planned.

The displays are pencil thin so they don’t take up vast amounts of valuable floor space. They are also incredibly lightweight and LG has devised a range of mounts, including ceiling, which makes our life easy when integrating them into the merchandising layouts. The look of the OLED displays in general is very stylised.

What would you change?

Overall, we are incredibly happy with the displays and they will be even better when LG can reduce the bezel further, which we understand is in the pipeline.

The panels are designed to be used in videowall formations but are not completely seamless in the way that some other pixel pitch based LED displays are.  Achieving that would be the optimum in viewing experiences and would allow us to take the technology into other areas of our business, such as simulation environments.

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