Review of Dexon DXN-4200 videowall controller

The Dexon DXN-4200 videowall controller is reviewed by Richard Madden, senior business development manager at integrator Videonations in the UK.

Why did you choose this product?

We used the Dexon videowall processors because we know that they work and we know they are very reliable. We used the predecessor 2200 series in a project where it was used on a 4x3 12-screen videowall between 2008 and 2013. The same client wanted to upgrade to an 8x3 24-screen videowall and we have deployed a single 4200 processor, which has a bit more processing power. The operating system is very easy to use and it matches the 2200 series in that our staff are able to advise and train clients how to use it.

What do you like about using it?

We are using seven processors in 24/7 365 operation in a control room environment and they hardly give us any issues. If anything does come up we get fantastic support from either the UK distributor AVM or Dexon themselves and we've also sent staff to Dexon for full training. Compared to other options, the DXN-4200 seems to have a better feature set which is completely customisable.

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