Review of Audac R2 digital audio matrix

The R2 Multi-zone system is a matrix that includes a powerful DSP processor to enable complex calculations and allow digital signal processing functions along with flexible configuration options and high levels of adaptability. The system can be controlled via a web based user interface or iPhone and iPad apps.

What do you use it for?

We not use it in situations where we would need different input sources per output zones and in projects where paging and easy and automatic controllability is an important part of the installation.

We have noticed that the demand for one complete solution like this has been growing for a while now. Instead of using five or six products we are able to only use one. And instead of having a wide range of multi-zone products for each specific situation the R2 is able to handle them all.

What do you like about it?

The main advantage that the system has, compared to others we have worked with on the market, is that it is able to expand in internal and external side devices in any direction we would like it to. It has unique features like the R2Pow kit, which enables you to power your output zones directly. Furthermore it offers fibre optic connections that allows us to expand the system to an unlimited amount of zones by putting the inputs and calling tables available on the fibre for any other R2 to use.

We also have the possibility to have actions related to the time clock or even have contact closures. The side devices are all digital and one of the wall panel types even allows us to create extra inputs and mix them locally. We feel Audac has thought this through from the installers point of view instead of the designers. This becomes even more apparent once you open the user interface. Programming a major project has never been this easy.

What would you change?

As I mentioned before the capabilities are already quite unlimited but up until now you are only able to connect low impedance loads with the 16 channel amplifier kit. We asked for the possibility to also have 100V loads on the R2POW kit and Audac has confirmed to us they will have a solution for this early in 2012.

In Use?

The most recent project we have done was in corporation with Barth installatietechniek. The system has around 200 AUDAC speakers inside and the R2 allows us to control them and play eight different music styles in each one of the eight output zones. Each zone is also automatically interrupted at specific timings by messages that are put inside the R2 which indicate pauses and shift changes.

We’ve also added an APM08 which allows us to make priority callings at any time in any zone. The controlling of the zones can be done at the installed wall panels in each zone or with any PC on the network via a password or even with the iPad/iPhone and iPod touch app on the iTunes store.

Audiobizz, is Audac’s distributor for the Netherlands regularly works with the R2 matrix.

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