Review of Apex Liviau R control system

The Apex Liviau R system gives users control over presentations and lighting, audio, video and automated services via a 10.1-in touchscreen. Content regularly used on the system can be stored in internal memory. The device also features a built-in audio mixer that incorporates a DSP processor with multiple EQ and limiting facilities and an integrated 2-channel 50W amplifier.

Reviewed by Raymond Haeck, account manager at Total-e

Where have you used the product?

We installed it in an ‘e-lounge’ at a new terminal at the Antwerp International Airport in Belgium. The e-lounge hosts anything from conferences to product launches and drinks receptions for up to 100 people. The space also has a Sony VPL-FX30 projector, three 42-in LED screens and 60-in Samsung LED screens, four circuits of RGB LED spotlights and six Audac XENO 6 2-way full range loudspeakers, all of which are run from the Liviau R control platform. The system is used for internal storage of video and the MirrorOp app is used to switch between sources for projection onto screens.

Why did you choose this product?

We chose it because it’s a very compact module, has a nice design and it does everything we needed it to do for events. Other systems were often either too complex, too expensive (or both), or would only handle a part of what we were looking for.

What additional features would you like to see?

I think that the ability to split content across different displays would be useful (i.e. you are able to split a video like a matrix to other screens simultaneously). At the moment you can see your input across all screens, but you can’t choose to send one signal to one particular screen, and that would be very helpful. I have told Apex about this though, and they are working on it.

What do you like about using it?

It’s very easy to use and people organising conferences only need a few minutes to figure out how to work with it and have everything ready, which is very important in a conference setting.

Overall, it’s great to have one all-in-one-system which controls the dimming of lights, colour choice, sound (as there is a built-in amplifier) and video, in which you can store different presentations in the internal memory.

When we compared the pricing of alternative options, Liviau also worked out as the most cost-effective choice.

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