Researchers unveil sweat-powered stretchable battery

Scientists at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a stretchable battery powered by human sweat, with potential to be used in wearable biosensors and other electronic devices.

Researchers at NTU Singapore have produced a prototype battery that consists of printed silver flake electrodes that generate electricity when exposed to sweat. Produced in a 2cmx2cm form factor, the battery can be affixed to a flexible and sweat absorbent textile that can be stretched and attached to wearable devices. 

The battery could be used to reduce electronic waste, as the battery does not contain heavy metals or toxic chemicals, with thests showing that when worn by a user on the wrist while cycling on a stationary bicyle for 30 minutes, the battery was able to generate a voltage of 4.2V output power of 3.9 mW, enough to power a temperature sensor device and send data continuously to a smartphone via Bluetooth. 

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