Redefining Flexibility: Covid-19 Security Support

The DEVA multimedia unit is stepping onto the frontline against Covid-19, with a robust array of features that provides creative crowd control, entertainment and analysis for pandemics and parties alike.

The AV industry is no stranger to disruption from the recent coronavirus. Now, with the guarantee of an ongoing crisis caused by Covid-19, Powersoft is thinking outside of the box to help us acclimatise to living with the effects of the pandemic for the foreseeable future.

Cosimo Cecchi, key accounts sales manager, Powersoft explained: “The Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for the pro AV industry: all the pro AV events have been cancelled, and in response to public health directives,entertainment companies have focused on public safety, protecting people and flattening the curve.

As a 
result, it is no surprise that revenues of those companies have been cut as a way of slowing down the storm.Until a long-term solution is provided, the best vaccine against Covid-19 is social distancing and the sense of shared responsibility. On the other hand, we at Powersoft believe that AV companies have an opportunity now to attain new business growth opportunities.”

Enter the Deva multimedia unit: A unique, all-in-one product combining an HD camera, speaker and LED illuminator with access to an extensive range of features tailored to the individual needs of clients.

At a glance, DEVA is 
designed for entertainment,information and safety; incorporating motion detection features, environmental data and a speaker to cater to a limitless range of applications. Cecchi said: “Powersoft is known for always having an eye on different sectors. We are well known for our audio business but we always had an eye on other fields, DEVA is a demonstration of that.”

The DEVA is a robust and versatile unit, with the DEVA HD model incorporating a camera, LED illuminator and Infrared GPS connectivity which allows it to adapt to an exhaustive list of applications.The DEVA is rugged and versatile, with an IP65 rating that allows the unit to operate in temperatures as high as 70°C.Flexibility is the name of the game, with the option to run off of mains power, PoE or solar power, with an internal battery as a backup to provide several hours of battery life in the event of a power failure.

DEVA Bergamo
DEVA can also be personalised with custom colour options for a seamless, discreet look whether in a cityscape, natural environment or room colour scheme.

Cecchi: “DEVA has the advantage of being a solution in a single unit. You can broadcast messages and music, broadcast to emergency services. It also has the capability of carrying out video analysis, controlling room temperature and controlling crowds. All of these features are included on a single unit and that’s a major advantage over other products on the market.”

Managing an all-in-one device with simple operation and maintenance was key to Powersoft, opening the DEVA up to users without advanced technical skills. Cecchi: “The focus has always been to make DEVA a simple and easy to deploy unit. Powersoft always says that as soon as you take your DEVA out of the box, it’s ready to work.”

The key to DEVA’s success as a flexible product is its expansive array of features that are developed in house by Powersoft, as well as integrating third party video features directly into the DEVA, with the unit able to be integrated directly into an existing system without difficulty. “DEVA can be introduced into an existing network: It can operate through WiFi, 3G, 4G, ETH and SIP. DEVA can also accept triggers from an external system. If you have a client that already has a network and sensors, you can have the triggers go from those systems and integrate with the DEVA, allowing it to react to that. 

“We offer a complete solution with the DEVA and thermal camera for example, but should we encounter clients that already have a camera, we can make sure that the signal from the camera interacts with the DEVA to make a complete system with the two units put together.”

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