QSC Audio COO discusses media networking and market forces

Existing in our own little bubble of AV technology it would be all too easy to lose perspective on where we fit into the bigger picture. QSC Audio COO Jatan Shah provides just that, telling a few home truths about how he sees the drivers of future technology development.

In the AV pond, there are several firms who consider themselves big fish. They have big ideas about how our industry should be move forward and how the current and next generations of digital technologies will evolve. But, argues QSC’s Jatan Shah, most of these big fish should remember that the AV pond is pretty small. In the global IT and communications ocean they are minnows.
Small scale is no bad thing, but it does mean that when looking at future technologies the AV market should be mindful of the big fish end users with which it seeks to do business.
“Global end users will force some kind of convergence because it’s just very unlikely that they’ll pick one manufacturer to outfit all possible facilities throughout the world. Because of this people like us will be forced to talk to each other, we’ll be forced to find a way to inter-operate.”
To read more of Shah’s opinions on the future of media networking protocols, and the future shape of the pro AV market, check out the full interview from April’s edition of InAVate's ActiveMagazine.

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