Powersoft launches certified training courses

Powersoft has launched a new training programme on its website, adding two new free training sections for users: webinars and E-learning.

The webinar section hosts Powersoft’s recent webinars, with the E-learning section hosting live sound and install courses for users, with an OEM course being added in the next few weeks.

The courses are designed to provide sound engineers, integrators and AV technicians the opportunity to learn from Powersoft’s in-house experts, gaining certification upon completion.

The courses are split into basic intermediate and advanced levels, with the live sound and install courses teaching users to use Powersoft’s products, as well as an overview of ArmoníaPlus.

The OEM course, designed for manufacturers and OEM partners, will allow trainees to understand Powersoft’s core technologies, learning how to implement them to upgrade poroducts using Powersoft’s ecosystem.

Trainees will receive a certificate of completion upon completing a course.

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