Powersoft happy to remain high-end

Pro-audio manufacturer Powersoft has carved out a niche for itself in high-end amplifiers, but this is no accident its sales manager Luca Giorgi tells Paul Milligan. 

Luca Giorgi didn’t have the smoothest of entries into the pro-audio world. Coming from an entirely different industry the shock of the new was not only felt by him, but by his clients.

"The first months were a real shock from a personal point of view because it was hard to understand the industry and for me to get accepted as part of the industry. Our customers and distributors were expecting someone from the industry, when they found out I wasn’t they thought it was going to be bad news from them, as I wouldn’t know how the industry worked. But in a short period I learned a lot, and people have recognised I can help them."

Giorgi has been at Italian amplifier manufacturer Powersoft for eight years now, starting off looking after sales in the US and Asia, he has now moved on to be the company’s sales director.  His current role means Giorgi has to coordinate all the sales teams, including the technical sales staff, and to discuss and put together the future requirements for product improvements and for new products.

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