Peer review - TV One C2-7200

Reviewed by: Arthur Jackson, Managing Director, Technographic Displays, UK, specialists in large-screen LED displays for event presentation, stadia and advertising.

What we use it for:

As a video format converter, vision mixer, colour-keyer and compositor for giant LED screens.

What we like about it:

For each new system we are asked to look at, we are presented with a different range of video inputs and outputs. Inputs can be live video or computer-generated or (most commonly) both at once – our software may be playing out a media file or showing scoring information keyed into video. Typically, the output of the video sub-system needs to drive a proprietary screen controller at the native resolution of the LED screen. The C2-7200 provides an impressive number of inputs, outputs and operating modes, all in a compact 1U form factor.

Importantly for us, we can write our own user-friendly software to control the C2-7200 via its IP interface. This means that, when the user clicks a button, a score can change, a caption can be displayed, an advertisement or event-related animation can be shown and the operating mode of the screen can be controlled – all at once.

What we would change:

The C2-7200 is so capable, sometimes you forget it has limits. A third processor would allow switching effects whilst in dual PIP mode, but you can easily cascade two units together for the same result. (This is slightly unfair, as far more expensive boxes have the same limitations). Currently, adjustment to window sizes and positions are made in percentages; ideally we should like the extra accuracy of specifying units in pixels. Also, we’d really like some window movement effects. Fortunately, we are able to talk to the engineers at TV One and we know that some of these features may be coming!

Where we recently used it:

PEER PIC C.jpg in here somewhere…

We used a C2-7200 for introducing a scrolling text ticker on the Coca-Cola screen in Piccadilly Circus, London. The Large Screens control system at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium uses a C2-7200 to select between the HD-SDI video input, a DVI graphics signal from our own graphics processor and one of two Sony Ziris systems. Our scoring system at Twickenham Stadium uses two C2-7200s in cascade, and the LED screen at some of this year’s televised athletics events used a C2-7200 to overlay impressive full-screen animations.

Manufacturer’s spec

Video Inputs: Composite (3 x BNC), TC (3 x miniDIN), DVI-I (3x DVI-I), SDI (2 x BNC)
2 Independent outputs: Composite, YC, DVI-I, SDI
Output range: Analogue 2048x2048, DVI 1280x1024
Max vertical refresh rate: 250Hz
Max horizontal refresh: 150KHz
HDTV resolutions: upto 1080p

Image zoom range: Continuous to 1000%
Image shrink range: Continuous to 10%
Video sampling rate: 108MHz
PIP windows: 2 in dual PIP mode, 1 in switcher mode
Video encoder: 10-bit digital
Decoder: 9-bit digital

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