Peer review - SC TouchControl

SC Touch Control is AV Stumpfl’s universal remote control software for media control, conference rooms, building automation, show control and digital signage. On Point GmbH was one of the first companies to use the software in the field.

Why we like it

We prefer this software suite for intuitively building up a system with its drag & drop interface. It’s like playing with Lego bricks - no special programming skills are required. Furthermore we can apply this solution to simple small room control as well as multi-room control solutions as the pricing is very flexible and built on functional requirements - SC TouchControl is always worth the money.

When we were contracted by Schüco to implement their new training centre control we were able run their control system on their own in-house touch panels with windows CE. We also used their TCP/IP network for communication without additional. Even old devices can be easily integrated within a SC TouchControl solution by using the SC LAN hardware modules for DMX, Relay, Infrared, RS232 or EIB/KNX gateways. There exists another priceless feature on working with established EIB/KNX systems – there is the ability to easily import the configuration of the ETS3 software into the SC TouchControl system and in the next minute I was able control the complete EIB/KNX installation.

What we would change.

Very little at the moment! Since the end of February 2008 installation is running very stably and there have been nearly no support inquiries: Once the customer himself added a missing feature as the programming is that simple. Additionally the customer asserted SC TouchControl to be the system of choice for his future projects as he has only one software to handle for several uses e.g. across-room-control, media control, residential control or even digital signage.

In Use

The heart of the installation at Schüco’s training centre is a control solution for three classrooms and four interpreter booths with a Beyerdynamic discussion system for up to 100 listeners. Various versatile scenarios have to be operated e.g.: "three rooms separately with three projections", "all rooms together with three projectors and same projection", "two rooms in conjunction with interpreter booths" and more. I enjoyed using the decentralised philosophy of SC TouchControl where every panel is a controller at the same time and could benefit from the bi-directional communication for implementing a "master" controller disabling the other standalone control panels, that would normally act as masters within their scope.

I am fully satisfied with the software as 95% percent of our requirements can be covered out of the box. I have been confronted with a couple of aftercare operations, but since using SC TouchControl I know that "no news are good news" and most of my installed systems are going nicely.

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