Peer Review - KV2 EX series Loudspeakers

Reviewed by Filip de Vos from M-Pro distribution, Belgium

The EX series is a family of compact, self-powered loudspeakers from KV2. Comprising the EX6, EX10 and EX12 2-way cabinets and the EX2.2 and EX2.5 subwoofers the series provides a comprehensive range of options for fixed installations. The EX series also all feature KV2’s Trans-Coil technology, which it claims eliminates voice coil inductance, and provides the smooth transition from the LF to the HF driver missing from similar systems.

What we use it for

Our primary uses for this are high quality mobile and fixed AV presentations. However, it’s also used for back and foreground music reproduction at tradeshows, in museums and as a small in-fill or under balcony solution. It also finds uses as a small spot monitor for musicians.

What we like about it

The outstanding quality of the music and voice reproduction. The small size of the EX6 units belies the excellent bass response. Almost everybody who heats the system for the first time has trouble believing that there is no sub bass active. The cabinets are a good size, they should definitely not have been any larger or heavier, and the price point is very good. There doesn’t seem to be much competition at this prize, quality and size point.

What we would change

The addition of a microphone input with gain control to the EX6, EX10 and EX12 units might open up even more markets. Actually one has to use a small mixer if one has to reinforce just some speech.

Where we recently used it

Wehave only recently started showing the product but sales have already been agreed for a Church system, and a small PA for an acoustic band. We also have quotes out in the marketplace for some multipurpose rooms in a cultural centre and for sound reinforcement in AV conference rooms.

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