Peer Review - F30 WUXGA projector

F30 WUXGA is the world’s first 1920x1200 resolution DLP projector, manufactured by projectiondesign. Our reviewer is Jason Brameld, Senior Design Consultant at Mark Johnson Consultants Ltd.

Mark Johnson Consultants (MJC) is long established market UK-based audio-visual systems consultancy practice. We provide design, specification and project management services for audio-visual installations to high-profile clients mostly in the financial, education and legal sectors.

What we liked about it

WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution and the F30 WUXGA projector caught our eye when it was first shown at Integrated Systems Europe in January 2008. It immediately struck us as being a very good projector for high-resolution computer applications and it offers more of a computer centric resolution rather than the more typically video-centric resolution of 1920 x 1080 offered by the other major manufacturers.

projectiondesign are a world first at the WUXGA resolution and introduced it before Texas Instruments released the chipset to other manufacturers . No one else is doing it at this stage and certainly not in the business market. There are eCinema or large venue projectors available with higher resolution chip sets but these are not usually suitable for the corporate and business sector.

What we would change

At the moment, since it's a new product we're evaluating it on our first project. It has a flexible range of lens options, which makes it suitable for a variety of installation configurations.

Where we have used it

On seeing the product at ISE, we had an immediate requirement for a client who wished to push the boundaries of resolution in projected display. This luckily was a versatile product that met the needs of that client and has slotted well into their project. It was a very timely launch.

There are a lot of projectors in the market and we can safely say that we know most of them. We are particularly interested in using products that have beneficial features for specialist markets.

We'd definitely use the F30 WUXGA projector for computer-based applications and corporate use. It's ideal for software demonstrations as well as visualisation and any application involving display of fine detail or analysis of large amounts of data. This we believe is more of a specialised market and is ideal for corporate companies who can utilise the more specialist graphics capabilities without the need for scaling to 1080 resolution.

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