Peer review - Chief PIWRF In-wall mount

Reviewed by Frode Risan consultant at Leteng, Norway

What we use it for

We’ve selected the PIWU in-wall swing arm mount, which can be used in numerous professional applications.

What we like about it

The key product feature is that the in-wall mount is so compactly designed. The dual arm that can effectively display the flat panel at 90-degrees or alternatively the panel can be moved flush against the wall for accurate aligning of on-wall displays.
Another key feature for us is the ease of installation. After the installation is done this in wall mount allows the screen to be height adjusted and a lateral shift is also possible. These post installation features are often very important in order to fine-tune the installation and positioning of the screen, if there have been slight errors in fixing location.
The PIWU has a depth of less than 2-inches from the wall when retracted making it very compact and discreet. This is very important for the retail environment when positioning the LCDs alongside product promotion areas or high traffic areas in which promotional content will be shown.
The fingertip tilt is also a benefit allowing the mount to be tilted down 15 degrees and has an ultra-smooth adjustment. We also like the durability of the mounts and the quality materials that they’re made of. Another great thing about this swing arm solution is that LCD screens can either be mounted in portrait or landscape position and can be switched either way very easily without tools.

Is there anything that you would change?

The product could be motorised. This would enable it to be operated remotely control using an infra-red or serial control system. This would ensure that mounts could be positioned at a high level in a retail shop area and still adjusted simply when needed. It would also enable programmed movement of the displays to attract visitor attention.

Where we used it

Currently, we are in the process of having the PIWU units specified and installed in small to medium retail display environment and installations will be located in Norwegian shopping centres such as Hennes & Mauritz, KappAhI and Jack & Jones.
Since the application is digital signage, the mounts will be holding flat panels ranging in sizes from 42 to 63-inches and they will be positioned at eye height level or amongst retail products.


Accepted screen size: 42”-65”
Maximum load: 74.6kg

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