Peer Review - Audio Technica ES range

Reviewed by: Graeme Atkins, Technical Design Engineer, Impact Marcom, UK

The Product:

Audio-Technica’s range of Engineered Sound microphones

What I use them for:

The gooseneck microphones (model no U857R) are most frequently used as part of the lecterns that we manufacture, although we also use these when a ‘top-table’ conference room design is required.
For fixed installations we tend to favour the Audio Technica hanging microphones for ‘over audience’ applications (model no U853RW), whereas the range of boundary microphones (model no U851R) are perfect for conference tables.

What I like about them:

Audio Technica offers a range of quality microphones that represent excellent value for money. All of the gooseneck and hanging microphones come with capsules depending on the need for cardioid, hyper-cardioid, MicroLine and omnidirectional polar pick-up patterns.
The gooseneck models are popular with customers due to their flexible construction, this makes position adjustment during use almost silent.
We also like the fact that many of them are UniGuard versions, which prevent interference from exterior RF sources such as mobile phones or PDAs.

What would I change:

The relationship we have with Audio Technica is such that they are always very responsive to feature requests. We see no real problems with the existing product range.

I recently installed it:

The U857R microphones have been part of a rollout for a significant amount of lecterns in to a university in the South of the UK, due to the government contracts that we hold these lecterns are also successfully sold in to military establishments.
Unfortunately we are unable to give too much away in terms of customer names but all we can say is Audio Technica has a presence in banks, insurance and legal firms as well as many of the universities we install in to.

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