Peer review - Audica Micro speaker range

Reviewed by Philippe Stevenson, Technical Manager TSG

TSG use the Micro range in high-end retail and leisure installations where aesthetic and sonic considerations are paramount. Recent examples have included the Cruise fashion stores in Chester and Aberdeen, the Shelly Farm gastro pub in Solihull and three Hardy Amies stores. They have quite a few specifications, which are awaiting approval but feel sure that these will come to fruition in the not too distant future.

What I like about it:

The modern contemporary design combined with a pleasant, warm sound, as well as the very flexible bracket arrangement allows me to integrate these products into almost any shop space or retail design.
The sound quality is quite remarkable for such a small unconventional design and it has proved a ¡®contract winner¡¯ on more than one occasion. Our customers always give us positive feedback after we have installed the Audica products.
The Audica range consistently outperforms other similar sized products when we have our regular ¡®shoot outs¡¯.

What would I change?

The things I would change are more from a system design aspect rather than anything inherent in the actual product itself.
100V, 100V, 100V.. If this product also came as a 100 volt line option I feel sure that we would be installing this product into around 80% of our retail installations.
The Micropoint needs to have a higher impedance rather than the 4§Ù rating that it currently has. The rest of the range has a sensible 8§Ù impedance. The Micropoint is the only model that tends to cause us slight issues, unfortunately this is our favoured product out of the whole range.
There were some minor issues with the remote controls in the beginning but these were speedily rectified to a satisfactory conclusion. I have also been notified that the other issues outlined as above are being addressed.

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