Pan Africa Christian University implements Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro

The Pan Africa Christian University (PAC University) is using ATEM Mini Extreme ISO and Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro to stream course content and events.

The multipurpose studio system supports the University’s online lectures and study programs for its 3,500 strong student community. A student production team also uses it to deliver video content for its events, such as online student orientation and chapel services.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, PAC University’s mission is to develop transformative Godly Christian leaders through training, research, and innovation for service to God in the Church and community.

“Our investment supports our aim to strengthen and broaden our diverse student base even further,” explains Professor Margaret Mwenje, Dean of PAC University’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences. “Although the pandemic certainly galvanised a requirement to provide an online curriculum, we’d already recognised the benefits of how this approach could help us to engage with students unable to be on campus or who require more flexible access to learning resources.”

The studio facility is housed in the Department of Communications, Language and Linguistics. The Department’s head, Isaac Oyuga, worked with Highway Audio Visual in Kenya to specify a flexible multipurpose solution for live production. “The launch of the Studio Camera 4K Pro came at just the right time in our search,” he explains. “From the outset, we knew that the hardware was going to have to support a variety of content delivery, all of which requires a high level of quality.

“As well as helping us to make decisions on the workflow, Highway Audio Visual was instrumental in the initial training for the University, and the team continues to provide ongoing support as our usage evolves.”

Lecture capture is set up in a studio space, where teaching staff can conduct seminars over Zoom or other online video platforms with a single camera set up. Alternatively, they can choose to prerecord teaching materials using two cameras and a mix of computer sources, if required.

“Our studio technician encourages teaching staff to record all sessions, to establish a body of educational resources,” Isaac explains. “The cameras integrate seamlessly into the online video sessions we have all become used to and immediately add a professional image quality to our teaching staff’s presentation.”

Outside of the studio environment, students take responsibility for producing multicam coverage of PAC University’s weekly chapel services, streaming the output from the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO directly to Facebook. Additionally, they also help to film University events such as orientation and matriculation sessions for new students.

“Learning by doing is a fundamental principle for our faculty, and our students have such a sense of pride when they are behind the camera or production desk,” continues Isaac. “The simplicity and clean design of the camera’s interface in particular has allowed the students to get involved immediately; there are no barriers to gaining practical experience, which is invaluable.”

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