Outernet London plans world’s largest 8K LED environment

Immersive media specialist The Outernet London has partnered with content creator Ventuz to develop the world’s largest multi-8K LED immersive entertainment and broadcast environment, with plans to open in late 2021.

The Outernet will create a public atrium, called ‘The Now Building’, featuring a four-storey high, floor-to-ceiling 16K screen surface, providing a 360-degree view to visitors. 

The space will require 2,260 square metres of LED screens, with a requirement to render and output hundreds of millions of pixels in real time simultaneously. 

The space is the result of a process spearheaded by the Ridley Scott Creative Group, with the content spanning the Outernet's London headquarters and also streamed to the company's social media platforms.

Mike Whittaker, CTO, Outernet Global, explained: “What we are building with Outernet is so extraordinary it far exceeds the usual technology solutions. We have developed a best-in-class integrated solution that allow us to work in real-time across LED canvases of 16K that deliver the best immersive experience to our clients and audiences. Ventuz technology is key to enabling us to meet the challenge of large scale real-time in a way never seen before.”

Pictured: An artist's rendition of 'The Now Building' 


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