No compromise for Porsche Arena

The Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany is home to a multi-purpose indoor stadium that seats 7,500 spectators. Flexibility of use is the key, and TOA was selected to come up with an appropriate sound reinforcement solution.

To overcome the high reverberation times experienced, TOA engineers selected SR-A12 line arrays, and after modelling the arena in 3D using Ulysses software arrived at the appropriate speaker facings and rigging points. Installation partner Hellwig Tonanlagen GmbH performed the fit out, and produced detailed documentation for the client.

In order to fulfil all the national and international standards, it was decided that an independent voice evacuation system should be applied and the choice was the TOA VX-2000 system. This, with an additional central cluster of horn speakers powered by only 1200 watts, reduced the emergency power supplies making cost savings that could be utilised elsewhere.

Porsche is extremely happy with the flexibility provided by the new TOA system, which enables the arena to meet its ever changing demands for its use.

Brett Downing, Sales & Marketing Director at TOA Corporation (UK) Ltd says: "at the end of the day, our products were the right tools for the job in terms of specification and application. We were able to provide sound for the whole Porsche arena including voice evacuation for all other public areas utilising our VX-2000 series, a common requirement for large stadia and arenas."

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