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NETGEAR - 1GB ethernet that speaks AV's language

NETGEAR M4250 house of worship

Demand for AV-over-IP continues to expand at an exponential rate. One of the fastest growing areas is for applications that need 1Gb Ethernet connectivity, but until now, it was under-served. That has all changed with the introduction of the industry’s first dedicated 1Gb switches designed specifically for the AV market, helping users and their installers explore the benefits of IP-enhanced sound and vision even more.

AV-over-IP has revolutionised AV in recent times, providing unprecedented levels of flexibility and quality. Network switches are at the heart of delivering AV-over-IP, and devices with potential of 10G and above have tended to be more in the spotlight, with the traction around 4K and even 8K high-definition content. That has made sense: delivering efficient, high-performance AV in theatres, concert venues, and similar environments requires high bandwidth with low latency, and will continue to be a rapidly expanding AV-over-IP sector.

However, there is a vast volume of AV applications that require much less bandwidth, typically no more than 1Gb, while still providing high quality video and audio. Examples include many digital signage situations, conferencing systems in offices, smaller auditoriums (such as those found in schools), sports bars and restaurants, and residential AV.

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These are all categories of users who are embracing the benefits of AV-over-IP, and what they require are 1Gb switches that deliver performance and reliability, but at an attainable price point. They also want switches that are easy to install and to manage, rather than having to be IT experts, and the same applies for their installers too.
The problem is that there have not been switches designed for these users. Of course, there are 1Gb Ethernet switches widely available, but these have largely been aimed at business IT networks, not AV. So, not only do these switches often come with a higher price tag, users and their installers have had to work around some issues to fit into AV environments.

For instance, on a typical IT switch, the cabling is at the front: imagine seeing all those cables cluttering the rack of equipment in an upscale car showroom.
In AV, switches are often in very visible locations, so looks matter (whereas with an IT network switch, chances are that it is hidden away in a comms cabinet).
Second, and not surprisingly, IT switches are designed to speak IT language, with the functionality that IT users need. AV uses different terminology and has its own design requirements.

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The missing link in 1Gb AV Built from the ground-up for 1Gb AV, the M4250 is a series
of managed network switches and the start of the new AV Line from NETGEAR. Building on our existing track record, the M4250 takes usability and purpose-built design for AV to a new level, across:
Design - a chassis design, user interface and features that fit perfectly into AV environments
Usability - including user interfaces, out-of-the-box performance and support
Flexibility - multiple configuration options and integrations with AV vendors. Plus easy to expand as needs grow or change.
…Plus the affordability for which NETGEAR SMB products are known.
1Gb AV-over-IP in action

Here are some examples of how the M4250 fits into real-world AV:
4K digital signage - distributed throughout an office building, school or hospital
Consistent, latency-free audio - for PA, microphone systems and networked audio, building or campus-wide
Office conference rooms - high quality video and audio that just works for a great meeting experience
Home cinema - replicate the theatre experience in the comfort and privacy of home
Sports bars/restaurants - distribute sporting events and news across the facility.

A closer look at the M4250

Designed for AV
A sleek, black LED panel at the front blends in with other AV equipment and offers quick port status. Cabling is now standardized on the back of the unit but reverse rack-mounting is possible with the included mounting hardware. There are also threaded holes at the bottom and the front to support universal mounting options, which may sound like a simple thing, but gives AV users much more versatility.

Especially evident to AV users is the new web-based AV user interface allowing customization or configuration as needed. Specific AV profiles allow the user to ensure the switch is setup correctly for their particular use case. The advanced IT interface is there, too, for those IT admins who need to tweak a setting for their particular installation.

Easy to set up and use The M4250 is ready-to-go out-of-the-box: simply plug it in and connect your endpoints. Use the intuitive AV user interface to take advantage of built-in configurations for a friction-free experience. If needed, help is at hand, through the dedicated NETGEAR Pro AV Engineering Services team.

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Offering free network design services and installation support, the NETGEAR Engineering Services Team is ready to help ensure 1G deployments with the M4250 AV over IP switches go as smoothly as possible.

The M4250 series comes with the NETGEAR ProSAFE Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty, providing 90 days of technical support via phone and email. Lifetime tech support is available through online chat one and email, and next day hardware replacement.

Flexible When needed, the M4250 can be easily customized to suit a wide variety of requirements, including VLANs, QoS, and the ability to mix with other NETGEAR switches in a star-topology, without needing any complex configuration.

Multiple third-party AV integrations include Dante, Q-SYS and AES67 profiles built-in for audio; for video NVX, SVSI, Q-SYS, NDI, Dante and more. The M4250 comes with robust support for Audio Video Bridging (AVB), for which a license can be purchased separately.

The M4250 series ranges from 8 ports with uplink 1G options for audio installations or standalone video installations as well as 10G uplinks for larger scale video deployments. The M4250 series also includes 12-port multi-gigabit Ethernet and 16-port 1G/10G fibre models for plug and play aggregation in a star topology.

Affordable Like all NETGEAR switches, the M4250 is designed to fit within today’s SMB budgets, but still deliver true business-grade performance. Plus, the M4250 can be used to power AV equipment up to 90 watts, through Power over Ethernet (PoE), and so simplifying the installation by reducing the need for additional electrical cables and energy consumption.