Negotiating the tender process

With the majority of large projects subject to a tender process, successfully winning contracts often comes down to one written document. Anna Mitchell explores what makes a successful bid, as well as some common pitfalls, with Millstream Associates’ Sandra Hatfield.

Negotiating procurement processes and successfully securing contracts can be a nightmare for AV integrators.

Most companies will deal with a wide variety of private and public sector companies throughout multiple regions and legislation and custom will change depending on the type of company you’re working with and geographic area you are working in.

With so many projects put out to tender it is crucial that integrators have the skills and the knowledge to persuasively and effectively demonstrate their skills and competence when answering tenders.

But, according to Sandra Hatfield, Millstream Associates, before you even start to construct a bid for a project you must seriously ask yourself: “Can I handle it? Do I have the right financial and technical capability? Do I have the right resources? Do I understand the document and what the obligations are going to be if I win the project?”

Millstream Associates provides a range of services to public sector purchasers and also runs Tenders Direct, which provides consultancy services and products to private companies from all sectors throughout Europe who are seeking new business opportunities.

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